Stop Mouth Breathing

Are You Mouth Breathing Right Now?

To get the best function from our muscles in our head, neck, and face; where these muscles rest is important. Your tongue should "live" in the roof of your mouth, lips should be sealed with no tension, and nasal breathing present. Do you have any sleep disorders? Lack of quality sleep? Do you have a dry mouth when you wake up? Gum problems? Is it hard to catch your breath? Do you or your loved one tend to get anxious or worried? Chronically congested or suffer from allergies? Mouth breathing can quite often be a sign of another underlying cause. Mouth breathing encourages the muscles of the face to “hang low” and not support proper airway, facial, and dental growth. We are trained to address and evaluate the cause of mouth breathing and to promote nasal breathing. The techniques we use will benefit the individual for a lifetime.  

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